I'm a human-centered designer transitioning to digital media, and I have a growing infatuation with front-end development. I'm inspired to create positive experiences in healthcare and mission-based organizations.

How did I get here?

quick boring version
Long interesting version

Well, I started as a...

Craftsperson and a Builder

From ceramics to carpentry to woodworking, crafting useful things has always been at the core of my interests. In 2012, I set off on a three-year project to build a tiny house. From my time working on boats, I was inspired by the deeply considered design solutions that small spaces require.

This project led to pursuing more formal training in woodworking where I was first immersed in the ethos of craftsmanship and pre-industrial design techniques. I spent a lot of time thinking about how people interact with objects, why certain traditional forms are still successful today, and learned how to produce work that is intended to outlast my lifetime. I’m fascinated by how furniture was historically designed without measurements, but instead with ratios based on the human body. It's a beautiful mixture of geometry and humanity.

Crew Member

I’m passionate about maritime education and using boats as a platform for developing community awareness. Working on tall ships, traditional small craft, and eco-tourism boats in Puget Sound and SE Alaska has been an invaluable gift from my time in the Pacific Northwest. I’m a believer that the sea is a great teacher of adaptability, teamwork, and mindfulness.

Creative Collaborator

In my other life, I was a chef in a farm to table kitchen. It was a magical place where I had a lot of freedom to be creative and learned to improvise on the fly. Our kitchen cultivated an environment where we could trust each other’s creative visions while exchanging feedback and producing a unified feel for our menus. While being vulnerable with creative work could be daunting, so much growth always came from collaboration. From this time, I learned how to quickly iterate on ideas and confidently present my vision.

...and then came...

Digital Design

Four years of working in nonprofit administration threw me into a variety of roles that I wouldn’t have otherwise pursued. This is where I first became interested in digital media. After being asked to "make a couple updates" to an outdated website, I instead proposed a complete redesign. This led to me accidentally staying up until 2 am on a regular basis messing with layouts, reorganizing pages, writing new content, and interviewing students. Even though I’ve mostly been drawn to working with my hands, I’ve found that the digital world is an engaging medium through which I can constantly be exploring new ideas while honing my craft and growing through collaboration.

Want to team up? Let's chat about UX!

...or perhaps one of my other favorite subjects: Sunday NYT crossword themes, podcasts I haven't heard yet, or concepts for RPG characters.

Currently available for design projects